Human Behavior Research Based On Characteristics

The only thing that cannot be polished and changed without the will of the person concerned is his / her behavior. Everything else including the personality and the characteristics can be changed. A human is considered to behave according to the external stimuli. Even though the behavior can be control through practices of self control, it is a known fact that one cannot be on his guard the whole time. The rational behavior of a human always remains the same. Most of the decisions made during the everyday life cycle can be a direct result of the automatic behavioral programs.

The human behavior is of two types. There are introverts and extroverts. These two can further be divided into 4 sub types namely, sensations, thoughts, intuitions and feelings making the total of 8. These 8 are regarded as the psychological types and are the main constituents of behavioral research. Most of the traits enjoyed by an individual are based on one or more of these 8 types that play a major role in the development of a human as a whole.

Talking about the introverts, they are more inclined towards making every decision keeping them in mind whereas the extroverts are open to everything. They are known to be despising in nature and their actions are mostly a result of their disposition that may have come from the past. They are not open to the reality and hence are known to make errors in judgment.

According to behavioral researches, even though we may think that our actions are because of our own thoughts, they are actually a result of the behavioral programs that run automatically. This is just another way of saying that we are not in control of our own actions. They are reactions to an external stimulus. This makes us prone at times to do things out of the context. The main reason for getting into situations uncalled for.

The strength of the stimulus can vary from time to time. The stronger it is, the higher are the chances of the person being dominated by it. Needless to say, this is in combination with the human reactions that are typical to every individual. At times, the strength of the stimulus can be enough to overpower the traits of the human and force him into doing something that is completely not in accordance to their nature. It is this phenomenon that is considered to be responsible for a human mistake to be committed by someone under circumstances when they themselves do not understand whether they are actually doing the right thing or the wrong.

When such an instance happens, the condition of a human is known to worsen which symptoms like depression and suffocation being prominent. The penultimate solution to come out of this problem that comes up in the minds of many is committing suicide, which again is a measure uncalled for. Sleep is considered to be the best remedy in situations such as these as an unconscious state helps a person revive mentally.